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Friend:             $250+

Investor:           $500+

Partner:            $5,000+

Founder:          $10,000+


GOAL:             $1,200,000

Mail Check Donations To:

Citizens Bank & Trust

C/o IBSA Building Fund

701 Kansas Avenue

Topeka, Ks  66603



Campaign Advisory Council:


Lazone Grays, Jr*

Community Organizer
Topeka, KS

Doris Williams

Community Organizer

Tulsa, OK


Adrian M. Cruz,

Public Relation Officer

Leavenworth, KS


Ruth D. Anazia


Topeka, KS


Phillip Owens

Business owner

Topeka, KS


Lazone Grays
Project Manager

629 SE Quincy, Suite 102
Topeka, Kansas 66603
Phone: (785) 422-0761

Youth Development Center        Capital Building Fund

IBSA Building Fund Campaign


The Youth Development Center (YDC) will meet the needs of disadvantaged youth by providing an environment in which they can participate in constructive social, employment and leadership activities. A variety of programs will be involved to break the cycle of dependence, poverty and peer pressure through a partnership whereas business, community, and government work together to eradicate the elements causing delinquency and low achievement.


Weekly visitors to the Youth Development Center will usually be inner city youth (aged 13-18) many from unstable home environments and underdeveloped neighborhoods. Often these very youth have faced multiple barriers to schooling and employment. Many will have been involved with the criminal justice or child welfare systems, have been homeless, or depend on some form of social assistance.


Our collective open-entry programs are aimed at tackling the issues that have consistently blocked young people from succeeding early in life. This intensity-and actual on-the-job experiences have historically led us to a success rate of nearly 80 percent for those needing to meet specific outcomes. "Success" means youth secure adequate employment/income, complete high school or obtain their GED, maintain passing grades, stays out of trouble or actively pursues additional educational opportunities to further their career objectives.


Youth participating in programs can obtain:

* employment skills
* life skills
* work experience and basic understanding of business practices
* competency in various service industry roles
* an understanding of their responsibility for their own career development
* increased self-esteem and sense of self-worth.


Programs provided draw strength from a blending of our entrepreneurial spirit, community compassion, and capacity for innovation. For youth involved, it means an immediate opportunity to translate new information into positive social activity. As a successful empowerment center combined with essential social, leadership and community service programs, the Youth Development Center will aspire to cooperate in both formal and informal partnerships with:

* City of Topeka
* Shawnee County Court Services
* Topeka Housing Authority
* Topeka Community Foundation
* Unified School District 501
* Kansas Juvenile Justice Authority
* Kansas Department of Social & Rehabilitation Services
* Other Local, State and Federal Departments

Youth/Adult Development Center - Downtown
116 - 118 SE 7th proposed facility location
Topeka, Kansas

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