Project C.A.R.E. (Communications and Respect for Everybody) provides a local phone number and voicemail to the homeless so that they can be reached for social services, job training, employment purposes, to correspond with the medical community or others helping them reach a sustainable life. It is well known that having a consistent, reliable point of contact can be crucial to someone trying to get back on their feet, especially when this population has a tendency to move frequently.

And even though newer low-cost cellphones are available for purchase, few have the means to have enough money to keep minutes on these phone and more often than not, these pre-paid minutes tend to run out before the end of the month. As IBSA continue its effort to partner with companies that can help us extend valuable technologies, services or programs to those in need, this public/private collaboration with Google, Inc., provides a timely service to the Project C.A.R.E.Kansas homeless, low-income and transient job seeking population.

To obtain service in Kansas, those in need will need to check with their local homeless shelter, counselor at a Kansas Social & Rehabilitation Services office or speak with staff responsible for homeless veterans outreach and support services.

Other nonprofit and governmental agencies that provide support services, access to resources and those that traditionally facilitate community-based ser vices on a referral basis can contact IBSA at (785) 422-0761 or by email at: to discuss coordinating the service on their local level.



About Project C.A.R.E.

Since April 2006, and with the help of more than 20 community outreach partners Project C.A.R.E. has provided more than 5,000 phone numbers and served close to 100,000 voicemail messages to homeless and needy people in the Bay Area. When calling a number from Project CARE, a person will have the same experience as if calling a standard phone number. Voicemail messages can be stored as long as they're needed.

About Google, Inc.

Google, Inc.Beginning in 1996, Stanford University graduate students Larry Page and Sergey Brin built a search engine called “BackRub” that used links to determine the importance of individual web pages. By 1998 they had formalized their work, creating the company you know today as Google. Google’s mission is to organize the world‘s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

About IBSA, Inc.

IBSA, Inc.In 1993, Washburn University student Lazone Grays, Jr. formed an organization in Kansas to serve as a non-campus networking group for other African American students and those interested in creating community-based programs, services and activities. By 1994 the organization began contracting with the state welfare agency to provide job search assistance and work experience to single parents receiving public assistance as well as business development services and advocacy for small, minority and disadvantaged business owners. IBSA’s primary mission is to provide humanitarian services to those in need by utilizing technology, volunteers, interns and professionals.


Agency Coordination:

 Topeka Rescue Mission            Kansas Dept. of Corrections/Parole      Kansas Children's Service League
 Topeka Moving Ahead Program      Wyandotte, Shawnee, Sedgwick County     Northeast Kansas

 Valeo Behavioral Health Care