IBSA Louisiana invites individuals and businesses to learn more about our work in the communities we serve. IBSA is a  nonprofit agency that provides employment and training services to youth deemed at-risk, low-income adults and emerging entrepreneurs. Recognized as a veteran resource partner by several local, state and national agencies, our agency has assisted many in their quest to bettering their lives through training, development and support services. Since 1993, IBSA has been helping people and other government or nonprofit agencies by providing career counseling, job search assistance, entrepreneurial training and access to compiled statistical or data research.


Mission of IBSA:

  • To provide constructive social and academic activities for youth from low to moderate households,

  • To assist low and moderate income individuals with programs and services that helps them reach self-sufficiency, 

  • To provide access to technology that help individuals prepare for the world of work,

  • To aid and assist small, minority and disadvantaged business concerns startup or expand a business venture


Primary activities include the counseling of low-income individuals to enter the workforce, providing community service opportunity for youth involved with the court system and helping the overall business community in their efforts to create jobs from the bottom up.  We are proud of the accomplishments we have achieved and are constantly expanding our reach to meet needs in communities that can benefit from our programming and expertise. Our objective is to meet the needs of those referred to organization and success for our clients is our goal. We have internal and external expertise to assist communities meet their neighborhoods economic development needs and invite you to be part of our continued success.

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IBSA, Inc., is an IRS tax-exempt organization.
Contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law.



Louisiana Chapter - Scott A. Lewis, III - State Director
4708 Bawell Street  Baton Rouge, LA 70808  225-952-0784