Business Development


Document Preparation

Typing, Proofreading, Correspondence
Publications, Brochures, Manuals
Feasibility, Business, Marketing Plans
Digital Scanning & Conversion (including .pdf)
Copy, Fax, Scan Services

Bid Preparation & Assistance

Doing Business with Government Agencies

Marketing/Selling to Corporations

Finance Packaging

Marketing & Promotion (online/offline)

Human Resource Development

Staffing, Apprenticeships, OJT, Screening

Internet Technology Services

Website Design, Development, Promotion
Online Directory Registration
Email Marketing & Social Media Marketing
Press Release & Public Service Announcements
Social Media Marketing & Development
(Facebook Apps, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, SmartPhone, WordPress, Google Places, Blogger, QR Codes, Etc)

Computer Systems Analysis

Software & Hardware Needs Analysis
Optimization Analysis & Recommendation
Internet Access Analysis & Recommendation

Computer Services: Repair, Upgrades, Etc

Third-party Software Installation
File Backup & Restore
Audio & Video Conversion

Support Services

Contract Brokering & Negotiation

Public Policy Research, Analysis, Advocacy

Referral to Other Community Resources (KS)
Small Business Administration (SBA)
Kansas Women’s Business Council
Chambers of Commerce
Economic Development Councils
International & World Trade Councils
Kansas Workforce Centers

Some business development assistance and support services are provided on a fee-for-service basis and will vary based on the complexity of the request.

Support Services:
You must provide your business information in order to receive technical assistance or other support services from the SBA, IBSA and other resource partners.

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