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Youth Can Apply Today For Upcoming Sessions
by Ibsa Inc - Saturday, 14 March 2015, 03:18 PM

At StreetsU we offer the opportunity to not only learn valuable work skills, but the chance to both learn and earn. Your experience with us is to build those skills that will last a lifetime and set you apart from the rest. If you’re ready personable and tech skill that will make a difference – and to earn some money while you do it – we encourage you to start by filling out our online pre-application.

Before you apply, keep the following things in mind:

  • You have to be between the ages of 14 and 16 (by July 1, 2015) to participate.
  • You have to be a permanent resident in a city approved to facilitate the program and eligible to work in the United States.
  • You have to commit to put in up-to nine weeks of part-time effort for approx. 12 hours per week and meeting with your advisor throughout the year (12 months)
  • You have to attend all skill training sessions, workshops & field trips, including a spring orientation to prepare for your summer work experience and earning potential.

Many more youth are often interested than there are available slots in the program (12), so it is in your best interest to apply early.  A lottery process is used to select participants from thepre-application.

Here’s a general timeline for our program this year:

February Pre-Application Process
March Pre-Application Lottery / Notice of Pre-Application Status (accepted, denied, put on waitlist)
April Full Application Process / Additional Information and Documentation Shared Upon Request
May Work Session for Incoming Summer Staff / Begin Student Match & Selection Process
June Orientation with Youth Participants, their Parents/Guardian and Staff
July- August Work Experience and Ongoing Workshops / Ceremonial Certificate Event

The Application Process:

Apply for the 2015 StreetsU Summer Camp by clicking below on the location closest to you and ‘send an inquiry‘ to that branch to start the registration process.

If you need help filling out any forms or documents, ask a trusted adult for help – a parent, legal guardian, guidance counselor, etc.

Streets University workshops provide up to 12 students with an opportunity to develop soft-skills through salesmanship, by using current technology and building a repore with business owners & community leaders. Learning to generate income in the program and business fundamentals are achieved through assignments, service-learning & special projects, and through a business-related friendly competition among their peers!

Student Learning Objectives:

  • Enterprise development activity that’s practical, methodical and moderate in difficulty
  • Team Work and Skill Set/Interest Identification
  • Defining Supply & Demand for Services or Products Sold
  • Prospecting & Negotiation Techniques (salesmanship)
  • Use of mobile-computing techniques, hardware & software (apps) to meet goals, objectives and to complete assignments & projects
  • Record Keeping, Accounting, & Adding Value to Build a Stream of Recurring Income


  • Goal-setting and friendly competition engages participants in the local business ecosystem of owners, buyers, and consumers.  Through targeted program activities, assignments and special projects… we don’t just tell students what to do and how to do it, but involve them to a point that learning a new process and procedures are grasped, and real income is generated through the application of skills learned.

StreetsU Program Locations:

Topeka, Kansas

IBSA, Inc.
629 SE Quincy
Topeka, KS 66603
(785) 422-0761

Detroit, Michigan

Better Detroit Youth Movement
17178 Livernois Avenue
Detroit, MI 48221

Kansas City, Kansas

IBSA, Inc.
NE Wyandotte County, KS 66101
(913) 735-4272

Kansas City, Missouri

the L.I.F.E. Project
629 SE Quincy
Kansas City, MO 64134
(816) 217-2371

Jackson, Tennessee

Promise Seed CDC
Jackson, TN 38301
(731) 424-6915

Please call in advance and before you stop by the office…

Facilitator Training Fundraising Signup Here


Skip Equipment & Supplies*

Equipment & Supplies*

1. Mobile Unit Received: Chromebook or Laptop; with a Gmail or other suitable email account

2. Necessary Suppliesbinder, paper, calculator, Keepod, textbook, etc

3. Appropriate Attireyoung casual, urban professional

Boys (Custom V-Neck Polo)
Jacket, Slacks, Shirt, Tie, Shoes

Girls (Custom V-Neck Polo)
Dress Suit, Blouse, Shoes

Some enrollment fees may be waived or all/some expenses may be covered by state agencies providing services through TANF, Voc. Rehab, Juvenile Justice, Housing Authorities or with other federal workforce training dollars and/or Community Development Block Grant funds targeting local communities and low to-moderate income individuals.

Partner Agency Affiliates

UniTee Design - Affiliate Partner Agency

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Program Resources

Viable Third Community c360KC
Young & Black Success Club

Urban Tech Fair
Better Detroit Youth Movement


Streets University is not affiliated with any accredited educational institution, governing body or government agency. Courses are not approved for any federal loans.

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Program Sponsors

The urban landscape in America offers few, if any true economic opportunities presently to counteract the scourge of neighborhood crime, particularly those that involve drug sales, homicide and more violent person crimes of robbery and home invasions.

Most businesses in these urban neighborhoods are either small sole proprietorship’s or family partnerships, therefore they cannot afford to hire additional staff in many cases. Our programs provides enterprising Black and minority youth and young adults with alternatives and the freedom to work when they please and earn not just minimum wage, but a wage directly related to the amount of work they are willing to put in.

Activities provide a year-round opportunity to learn and master the skills of on/offline marketing, interactive web design, video production/promotion, public relations and salesmanship; as well as a chance to earn a little money through the sales of various products and services in-demand.

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